The Cuisine

Lefay Vital Gourmet is a culinary concept which pays particular attention to the health aspects of food, focussing on the Mediterranean diet in which extra virgin olive oil reigns supreme.

The Executive Chef, Matteo Maenza, transfers this philosophy into the recipes of Mediterranean flavours proposed in the elegant restaurant La Grande Limonaia and the striking Trattoria La Vigna, where numerous dishes inspired by rich Italian regional traditions can be enjoyed.

From this point of view, 5 fundamental principles were identified

Mediterranean diet, in which extra virgin olive oil reigns supreme.
Seasonality: the ingredients follow the rhythms of the seasons so that always the freshest produce is brought to the table.
Italian character: the menus use the finest food ingredients from the local area and typically traditional Italian regional produce.
Ethics: Lefay Vital Gourmet undertakes not to use animals threatened with extinction and products obtained by violent methods in its dishes.
Suppliers: favoured partners are local suppliers and preferably those that adopt a system of organic farming.

Lefay SPA menu

Part of the Lefay Vital Gourmet offer is the Lefay SPA menu, inspired by the principles of the exclusive Lefay SPA Method of wellness, and is a tasty, light, detoxifying and healthy way of eating that uses simple ingredients and short cooking times so that the organoleptic qualities of the foods remain unchanged.

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