The first effort aimed at achieving eco-sustainability within the Resort was carried out during the planning phase.
The location in one of the most beautiful and uncontaminated scenarios of our area – the Parco dell’Alto Garda (Upper Garda Park) – as well as the requirement to create an efficient structure from a logistic and energy-oriented viewpoint, have represented the first challenge for our planners.

Morphological Integration

Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda has not been designed as a single compact building, but it features various individual units integrated in the hill slope and thus perfectly fitted to the morphological characteristics of the landscape. The central structure, extremely airy and bright, houses all the main services; the side buildings with the single units are scattered closely over a hillside. Thanks to the thick vegetation covering the roofs, they can hardly be seen and it is difficult to distinguish where the units end and the parklands begin.

The peculiarity of this project has implied a substantial effort during the building phase as it required to move, handle and transport about 60,000 cubic meters of earth. However, these efforts have been repaid with a result far beyond expectations: as a matter of fact, the Resort is completely integrated in the surrounding landscape and the visual impact from the lake coast is far lower compared to the one of other preexisting buildings of smaller size.

As far as the architecture is concerned, we straightaway decided not to adopt a style featuring an innovative and trendy design, but inconsistent with the surrounding environment or quite opposed to it. For this reason, our designers – showing an extremely unassuming behavior – have looked around and taken inspiration from the great private villas with their annexed lemon-houses, typical of the Upper Garda area, featuring stone and wooden pillars, used to raise lemon trees.

Heat Insulation

The Lefay structure has perfectly been integrated into the terraced hillsides, thus allowing a reduced energy and heat dispersion. Thanks to the southwards orientation and the windows made of athermic glass, rooms and the SPA area achieve an extremely high level of thermal insulation: in winter, the cold insulation is reached through the production of passive solar energy, in summer the heat insulation is achieved thanks to mobile shading systems installed in the front of the balconies.

The heating and cooling of rooms and of the common areas is achieved through low temperature radiant systems installed within the ceilings and the floors. This provides a twofold benefit: on one hand, any air draught is generated and on the other hand no noises are disturbing our guests during their stay in the respective room or in the common areas.

Natural Materials

The respect for nature’s beauty and for the wonderful location of Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda is also reflected in the interior design which features natural materials mostly coming from this specific area and typical of it.
You can perceive the attention paid to the choice of materials in your room furniture. The materials used are olive wood for the parquet floor, national walnut for the furniture and Verona red marble for the entrance floor and the bathroom. All the textiles, included your bed linen, are made from natural cotton fiber with no chemical treatment; moreover, in the rooms only chemical-free water paints have been used.

Integrazione Morfologica
Materiali naturali
Integrazione Morfologica
Materiali naturali

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