Lefay SPA is the first spa in Italy obtaining Ecocert’s prestigious new certificate “Being – Organic and Ecological Spa”, Level: Excellence.
Ecocert, the French organisation recognised worldwide for its certification of cosmetic products, introduced “Being – Organic and Ecological Spa” for wellness centres that offer the highest standards in the field of sustainability and guarantee a place of relaxation to their guests by combining the experience of natural wellbeing with a strong commitment to the ecology of the planet and its resources.
The exclusive Lefay SPA temple of wellness has not only confirmed its compliance to the 50 strict criteria envisaged for achieving the basic certification level, but has also reached the “Excellence” level thanks to its innovative concept of global wellbeing, which is distinguished by three fundamental aspects:

  • the unique quality of Lefay SPA Method health treatments and programmes and the commitment to the training and professional development of its Staff;
  • the exceptional comfort in the treatments cabins, providing Guests an incomparable experience;
  • the measures put in place for a sustainable management of the building.

Min AmbienteOn December 20th, 2011 Lefay Resorts signed a voluntary agreement with the Italian Ministry of the Environment, the Land and the Sea, for the promotion of joint projects aimed at the analysis and neutralization of the climate impact of its activities.


Green Globe CertifiedLefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda is the first wellness resort in southern Europe to obtain the prestigious environmental certification of Green Globe, the first worldwide certification programme to have developed international reference standards for structures operating in the wellness sector, which can be grouped into three main categories: the company sustainable management system, which includes the eco-sustainable design and architectural project and the environmental communication strategy; Socio-economic aspects such as the commitment to social and cultural initiatives and the support for development of employment in the neighbouring population and in local businesses; Environmental aspects such as the reduction in the consumption of energy, water and natural resources, and the management of waste and polluting substances, etc.

CERTIFICATIONS ISO 14001 – ISO 9001 – ISO 14064

CERTIFICAZIONI ISO 14001 E ISO 9001Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda has obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification for the “Design and management of architectural solutions for innovative and eco-compatible structures” phase, the ISO 9001 quality certificate and the ISO 14064, which certifies the analysis of the resort’s co2 emissions carried out by the Italian Ministry of the Environment.
In order to offer a high quality service to its guests while respecting and enhancing the natural environment and to achieve a continuous improvement of its performance, Lefay Resorts undertakes to introduce and maintain an Environment and Quality Management System. Quality and Environment Policy


GREENLEADERS TRIPADVISOR - PLATINUMLefay has been awarded a Platinum level certification by the new TripAdvisor GreenLeaders programmme, which helps travellers plan greener trips by identifying environmentally-friendly accommodation.


remio all’Innovazione Amica dell’Ambiente 2009On December 10th 2009 Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda was awarded the “Premio all’Innovazione Amica dell’Ambiente” (Enviroment-friendly Innovation Award) in the field of “eco-building”. The prize was given by “Regione Lombardia” (administrative district of the region Lombardia) and Legambiente (League for the Environment), which is the most widespread environmental organization in Italy, acknowledged as “association of environmental interest” by the Italian Ministry of the Environment, with 20 Regional branches and more than 115,000 members. The award recognizes excellence in the field of environmental sustainability and it is given to technologies, process, products, services and innovative management systems which enable important environmental improvements.
Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda has been awarded the prize among 180 participating projects and it has been acknowledged as structure able to guarantee high living standards, efficient use of energy and soil and a special attention to the integration between environmental and social sustainability.

For more information: Lefay Green Book

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