Environmental Responsibility

Exclusivity means doing something no one else has thought of doing, investing in the present and the future, creating something for the few that does everyone good.

This is the philosophy that inspired the design of the Garda Lake Lefay Resort & SPA, a design that puts the environment first and minimises impact on the surrounding countryside.


What the Lefay resort architects were trying to achieve was something innovative that blended in perfectly with its surroundings. They found their inspiration in the lemon groves so typical of the upper reaches of Lake Garda, protected in winter by hothouses constructed in wood around a framework of stone pillars. The resort buildings nestle comfortably into the hillside facing south, to ensure savings on energy and heating. They blend perfectly into the surrounding countryside, with very little visual impact.
Inside the interior design is again realised using natural local materials, guaranteeing total respect for nature.


Behind the resort lies a hi-tech plant producing electricity and handling the heating and cooling systems. The plant runs exclusively on clean, renewable energy sources which ensure we provide luxury, comfort and excellent services that are all environmentally friendly.
Today 85% of the resort’s heating comes from renewable energy, as does 100% of its cooling and air purification, 75% of it home produced. Our electricity is 100 % from renewable sources and 60% of it is generated on site.

Our biomass-fuelled plant, together with a micro-turbine co-generation system and an absorption cooling plant, are all run by state-of-the-art software to ensure maximum efficiency. This factor, together with the solar panels installed on the roof of the resort’s principal restaurant, “La Grande Limonaia”, means we can cut CO2 emissions by 1,130 tons per year.


The Riviera dei Limoni area can suffer from water shortages and the Lefay Resort has done much to rise to this challenge. Rainwater is channelled and stored; the overflow from the swimming pools is used for irrigation, while special software oversees water consumption, reducing the amount of mains water consumed by 50% compared to a normal plant. All this, coupled with a special laundry management policy, saves on water and energy alike.


At the Lake Garda Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda recycling is a mantra, we only use recyclable materials and recycle absolutely everything, while being totally committed to progressively cut our production of waste.

For more information: Lefay Green Book

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