Social Responsibility

Our commitment is to develop a business whose goal is to achieve economic results creating “value” through a great attention to social responsibility: preserving and exploiting the people and the territory.

Human Resources

The real key to our success is the excellence of our staff, whose satisfaction is as strategic as the satisfaction of our guests. For this reason, Lefay Resorts takes great care with the selection and professional development of our staff as well as to working practices. Creating a trusting relationship with our team enables us to maintain the highest possible standards for our Guests. We are able to achieve this by:

    • providing our staff with a deep professional training;
    • developing the career paths of our younger employees within Lefay Resorts with frequent training opportunities;
    • providing our staff with a dedicated restaurant area, as well as comfortable private apartments;
    • motivating and driving accountability through the setting of professional goals.

Our staff attend an initial training of two days about the company’s values, vision and mission, as well as ensuring they are familiar with all the offerings of the Resort. This is followed by further specific training on each individuals professional role and associated responsibilities.
The SPA plays a fundamental role within the Resort, and the staff employed in this area attend additional training, which is carried out by the SPA Manager, the Lefay SPA Method Scientific Committee and our Lefay SPA Therapist Coordinators. At the end of the training all participants receive a professional certificate.

Local community support and territory promotion

Lefay Resorts actively contributes to Lake Garda’s development and promotion in Italy and abroad thanks to:

  • intense public relation activities with the support of important international communication agencies;
  • the realization of partnership, co-marketing activities and sponsorship of cultural, social and sport events in cooperation with local associations.

Furthermore Lefay Resorts commits to the employment of people living in nearby cities, which amount to more than a half of the entire Resort’s staff and to make use as much as possible of local supplier, thus supporting the economic development of the territory.

Supply chain management

Lefay Resorts’ environmental commitment refers also to its supply chain management, by selecting the majority of commercial partners that operate according to international and environmental certification standards. Furthermore most of our supplier are to be considered “KM 0”, since they are based within the province of Brescia, this entails a consistent reduction in CO2 emissions.

For more information: Lefay Green Book

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