Waste Management

Waste Management is another key element as for the reduction of the environmental impacts related to a residential structure which, according to the dimensions and the nature of its activity, produces large quantities of organic and inorganic waste.
Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda has undertaken two key measures targeted to reduce the environmental impact resulting from wastes produced within its structure:

  • Differentiated waste collection
  • Use of recycled materials

As regards the differentiated waste collection, it is made in compliance with the Environment and Quality Management System (ISO 14001) standards and according to the collection methods defined by Gargnano. The differentiated waste collection entails a sorting into the following waste types: paper and cardboard items, glass, plastic, metals, compostable waste and undifferentiated materials. This sorting is carried out at source within all the Resort areas except for the rooms where waste is subsequently separated by the Housekeeping department.

In addition, an important effort within the Resort has been made to use, where possible, recycled and/or biocompatible materials such as:

  • Use of recycled and ecological paper for all guest letter papers and paper materials (e.g. breakfast request slips, badge holder, room directory, menus, etc…) and in the next future for all the various office activities
  • Use of glass bottles to limit the use of plastic items

Moreover, Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda is going to optimize all office processes in order to limit the unnecessary use of paper as much as possible. Hotel Management software solutions (Property Management System) have been fully leveraged to minimize the use of paper-based archives and paper correspondence among departments and guests (all the offers and/or confirmations are made by telephone or via e-mail).

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