Water Saving

The means for achieving a 360-degree environmental protection is not limited to the production and use of energy only, but it also includes water supply management. Water consumption is one of the major concerns affecting local authorities in Riviera dei Limoni because the area in which the Resort is located suffers from lack of water during all summer months.

Rainwater collection

All the rainwater falling in specifically drained areas is stored in a tank with a capacity of 300 m3 from which it will be collected for uses linked to the irrigation of green areas.

Compensation tank

The water discharged from the various swimming pools and replaced with clean water flows into the tank where rainwater is collected and, thanks to the chlorine biodegradability effect due to sunlight, it is used for the irrigation of green areas.

Operational Software

To dramatically reduce water consumption from water mains, the water supply system has been planned and designed in minute detail.

All toilet flushing systems as well as bath taps and faucets enable to regulate water quantity through devices aimed at saving water consumption by 50% in comparison to standard facilities.

Swimming pool facilities envisage a water refilling system based on the number of people using the relevant swimming pool.

Laundry management policy

The laundry is one of the areas where considerable use of both water and energy is made: for hot water heating, facilities operation, linen and towel drying and ironing; moreover, the detergents consumption is to be considered.

Due to the multiple swimming pools and saunas available, the SPA implies large quantities of towels (including bathrobes and sarongs) for use by Guests in order to ensure them the maximum comfort. The change and collection of SPA towels to wash have been fine-tuned with the objective of best balancing service quality with environmental protection. Guests can change towels whenever they want but, at the same time, they are made aware of their environmental responsibilities and they are asked to make an adequate use of towels; this leads to a substantial reduction in the number of machine washes, consequently cutting down detergents and water usage.

In addition, the linen change policy, based on a specific Guest request, has helped to dramatically reduce the number of bed linen and towel washes.

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