Welcome to Gargnano, a place where they have kept the past alive in an elegant lakeside setting…

Located in the heart of the “Riviera dei Limoni”, Gargnano is one of the most attractive villages of this area. Gargnano is often referred to as the “village between two lakes“: its territorial boundaries are, in fact, lapped in the East by the waters of Lake Garda with typical Mediterranean scenery, while the inland area in the West rises delete gently gradually up the hill to Lake Valvestino, creating a genuine fjord like landscape between the mountains and the valley.

The serene atmosphere of this village has remained unchanged over the centuries and will take visitors on an extraordinary journey through history and art, passing large mansions, small picturesque villages on the lakeside and a rural past made up of grazing animals and lemon trees.


  • Gargnano is the most important sailing centre on Garda Lake: from the small port of Bogliaco, the starting gun of “Centomiglia” has gone off each year since 1951 to mark the beginning of this historical sailing competition – the longest regatta on internal waters in Europe;
  • Lots of famous writers and musicians have over the years chosen this small village as their favorite travelling destination or living place, such as J. W. Goethe, D. H. Lawrence and now the renowned violinist Uto Ughi, who still comes to Gargnano where he holds his concerts and can be met while taking a stroll in the lanes of the village;
  • In the 12th century, Gargnano was the northernmost place in Europe where lemons were grown; the Franciscan monks who lived here exploited the mild climate of the area to build lemon-houses made of wooden and stone pillars.In some of these lemon-houses, lemons are still grown using traditional methods.

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