Face and Body Treatments


The aim of Dr. Zein Obagi’s method is to correct the main imperfections of facial skin. ZO products are cosmeceuticals of pharmacological quality and effectiveness that use sophisticated nano-technology, release systems and advanced active ingredients. These are cosmetics in continuous evolution which offer the latest results of scientific research and technology in the field of dermatology.


Natural ageing as well as factors such as environmental conditions, state of health, metabolism and lifestyle can alter the skin’s moisture levels. This treatment aims at restoring the hydrolipid film. Extracts of blackberry, liquorice and bearberry with lactic and kojic acid prepare the skin for skin peeling which,
by a triple-action resurfacing process, improves radiance, purity and texture, thinning lines
and wrinkles. Thanks to the inclusion of DNA-repairing enzymes and natural melanin, the skin is visibly lighter, firmer, strengthened and protected.

€ 150,00 (duration 65 min.)

LIGHTENING TREATMENT For skin with cutaneous dyschromia

Cutaneous dyschromia is an alteration associated to an accumulation of melanin pigment which gives rise to unsightly patches on the face or more exposed parts of the skin. This lightening treatment improves the skin’s look, conferring a radiant complexion and a more uniform texture, thanks to salicylic, lactic and citric acids. Powerful antioxidants and co-enzymes inhibit the production of melanin, stimulating the reproduction of healthy cells.

€ 150,00 (duration 65 min.)

IMPURE SKIN TREATMENT For oily skin or with acne

Oily skin is thicker than normal skin; it appears oily, with dilated pores, comendones and blackheads, which may give rise to chronic inflammation known as acne. By using products containing AHAs and salicylic acid, the excessive production of sebum is minimised, helping to shrink pores. Immediately the skin appears cleaner, healthier and without excess sebum. Furthermore the use of antioxidants, natural melanin, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide reduces acne scars

€ 150,00 (duration 65 min.)



This treatment effectively acts on tonic and hardened cellulite. It improves circulation and oxygenation of the tissues, reshaping and toning the silhouette. It combines a suction technique with that of massage.
€ 100 (duration 45 min.) € 250 For a cycle of 3 sessions.

BIOTHERMIC – Selective heatwave

This sophisticated device emits selective heatwaves that increase collagen and elastin production in the dermis
with a considerable plumping effect. It stimulates the microcirculation, counters the imperfections of cellulite
and reshapes fat deposits. There are four different treatments:

  • Buttocks and hips – € 180 (duration 70 min.)
  • Thighs and inner thigh – € 130 (duration 50 min.)
  • Stomach and hips – € 130 (duration 60 min.)
  • Arms – € 95 (duration 30 min.)
  • Back tension-relieving – € 105,00 (duration 40 min.)


This is the new frontier in skin treatment; the treatment is based on the principle of topical hyperbaric oxygen associatedwith latest generation cosmetics containing hyaluronic acid, oxidants, green tea, aloe vera, vitamins A, C, E. The technique is painless, has no contraindications and the benefits are visible and immediate since the hyperbaric oxygen enables the active ingredients to be transported to the deepest skin layers.


A treatment targeted at thin lines and wrinkles, which improves small imperfections and overall hydration.
€ 200 (duration 60 min.) / € 480 (cycle of 3 sessions)

Rejuvenate Boosters

A treatment aimed at specific needs of the skin:

  • Antioxidant: for dull skin, couperose skin, puffiness and dark rings around the eyes, thin wrinkles and uneven texture
  • Collagen: for mature and dry skin that is thin, not very elastic and atonic
  • Vitamin C: for prematurely aged skin with irregular tone or damaged by the sun
  • Vitamin A : for congested skin with visible pores and impure skin

€ 200 (duration 60 min.) / € 480 (cycle of 3 sessions)


For dull skin with blemishes.
€ 200 (duration 60 min.) / € 480 (cycle of 3 sessions)


For acne-prone skin.
€ 200 (duration 60 min.) / € 480 (cycle of 3 sessions)


Aged-skin treatment. It reduces wrinkles and is a good alternative to fillers and revitalisation.
€ 90 (duration 20 min.) / € 200 (cycle of 3 sessions)


Thanks to the combination of suction and massage on relaxed muscles and wrinkles on the face and neck,
face contours are smoothed, toned and oxygenated, creating a lifting effect.

€ 90 (duration 45 min.)


This sophisticated device emits selective heatwaves that increase collagen and elastin production in the dermis with a
considerable plumping effect. It stimulates the microcirculation, and has a lifting effect and reduces wrinkles.
€ 110 (duration 50 min.)

I BEAUTY Ingenious Skin Solution

I Beauty combines three innovative technologies with proven effectiveness; they are also non-aggressive and completely safe:

• Sonic-vibration for deep exfoliation, to free the pores and effectively purify the skin;

• Sequential ultrasound, which reactivates cell metabolism, stimulating regeneration;

• Radiofrequency, which warms up the tissues to regenerate, plump up and firm the skin.

I BEAUTY Purity Renewer
This treatment is the ideal answer for all types of skin that need deep, rebalancing cleansing. The new generation of beauty peeling techniques, such as those using low-frequency ultrasound, permit deep exfoliation, free the pores and purify the skin. Immediately the skin appears healthier, brighter, free from impurities and normalised.
€ 130 (duration 50 min.)

I BEAUTY Hydration Corrector
Ideal for thirsty, tired and dull skins, this treatment reactivates natural hydration and invigorates the skin thanks to active ingredients with remineralising and restorative properties. The skin appears fresh, radiant and intensely hydrated from the very first session.
€ 130 (duration 50 min.)

I BEAUTY Youth Activator
Inspired by aesthetic medicine anti-ageing techniques, this treatment is a concentrate of efficacy for combatting the signs of time. Facial skin appears lifted, firm and sculpted from the very first session
€ 130 (duration 50 min.)

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