Corrective Beauty

These treatments are aimed at correcting the most common imperfections of facial skin. They involve the use of skin care products that have been developed with advanced technological formulas containing natural plant extracts, which help combat skin imperfections and an “energetic” micro-massage on specific points and meridians.

IMPURE SkIN WITH ACNE – Negli Oscuri Meandri

Oily skin is generally thicker than normal skin. It appears greasy and has dilated pores, comedones and blackheads that often become chronically inflamed, a condition known as acne. The treatment, which is based on Azelaic, Pyruvic and Salicylic acids, includes an initial purifying and normalising stage, followed by a decongestant and soothing stage to prevent irritations. Stimulation of points and meridians while the mask is applied detoxifies the skin and restores
vigour and a healthy glow.

€ 105,00 (duration 45 min.)

DRY SKIN -La Bimba e il Vulcano

Age, environmental factors, state of health, metabolism and lifestyle can all alter skin moisture level or NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). This treatment containing Glycolic, Pyruvic, Salicylic and Mandelic acids aims to restore hydrolipid balance, conferring smoothness, softness and elasticity typical of healthy skin. The stimulation of points and meridians while a mask is applied improve cutaneous hydration.

€ 105,00 (duration 45 min.)

DRY AND MATURE SKIN – Oltre il Deserto

Skin ageing is caused superficially by an excessive accumulation of dead cells (keratinocytes), which cause a thickening of the stratum corneum, making the skin appear dull, giving the face an uneven complexion and causing the appearance of small wrinkles caused by decreased hydration. Furthermore, as we age, there is a reduction in the
production of collagen and elastin; this contributes to a loss of skin tone and the appearance of the signs of ageing (wrinkles). This treatment combines products containing Glycolic, Pyruvic, Salicylic and Mandelic acids with the stimulation of points and meridians, which act deep down on the body, considerably helping to moisturise the
skin and restore altered functions.

€ 105,00 (duration 45 min.)


Cutaneous dyschromia is an alteration in skin colour connected to an anomalous accumulation of melanin pigment, which causes unsightly localised patches on the face and exposed areas of skin (e.g. back of the hand). This treatment and the products containing Azelaic, Pyruvic and Salicylic acids work by blocking the production of melanin and exerting a skin-lightening action on the hyperpigmented area. This treatment is combined with pressure on points and meridians
that are able to “give vigour” to the epidermis and dermis.

€ 105,00 (duration 45 min.)

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