Lefay “Gocce di Lago”

This is a welcome massage designed to immerse you in the typical essences of Lake Garda. Precious Lefay Olive oil, enriched with the fresh essence of lemon and lavender, is massaged into the skin, penetrating and nourishing and leaving it radiant and soft.

€ 90 (duration 50 min.)

Lefay Welcome Massage

This massage relaxes the muscles of the back and delivers a profound sensation of well-being thanks to the purest essential oils of lavender and lemons, typical essences of Lake Garda.
€ 45 (duration 20 min.)

Tension-relieving neck and back

This massage relaxes the muscles and promotes realignment of the spine, providing immediate relief.
€ 70 (duration 30 min.)


Relaxing and calming massage that, thanks to the soft and light movements, frees the mind from thoughts conferring psycophysical wellbeing. Dedicated to those who want to enjoy a moment of pure relax, to those who want to experience enveloping and delicate massage. It is very useful for very stressed and tired people.
€ 95 (duration 50 min.)


This massage reactivates the circulation and improves trophism in the tissues. The skin becomes supple and compact and the body rediscovers lightness. Excellent combined with algae and mud wraps.
€ 95 (duration 50 min.)

Holistic Foot reflexology

A natural preventive therapy. Pressure and massage on particular points of the foot, known as “maps”, deliver profound energy, physical and mental balance.
€ 95 (duration 50 min.)


By treating the cranium, the neck, trapezium, paravertebral and sacral muscles, this massage alleviates pain and reduces tension in the spinal column, realigning it and restoring correct posture. It stimulates the emotional dimension, promoting a balance between the conscious and the unconscious. It brings harmony to the nervous and endocrine system and has a relaxing effect.
€ 100,00 (duration 50 min.); € 135,00 (duration 75 min.)

Kids foot treatment

This is a short, pleasurable treatment for children, which is very relaxing with benefits on the circulation and small muscular tensions.
€ 40 (duration 20 min.)

Deep tissue

This massage uses a technique that is aimed at treating the surface and deep muscles of the miofascial system, acting on structures that are difficult to treat with other methods.
€ 110 (duration 50 min.)


This massage improves the blood circulation and has a considerable draining action. It is perfect for reshping body contours and conferring lightness to the body. Excellent also if associated with beauty body treatments.
€ 95 (duration 45 min.)

Firming toning massage

This is a combination of a lymph-drainage and contouring massage, which is recommended for toning the tissues and treating critical areas such as hips, thighs and buttocks. Excellent associated with beauty bodytreatments.
€ 100 (duration 45 min.)

Massage with hot mud

Aromatic Hot Lefay SPA mud, known as “Il Potere del Cielo e della Terra”, is used to make this massage a particularly pleasant experience. Rich in oils, clays, sulphates and marillonite, the mud performs an osmotic detoxifying and antioxidant action.
€ 110 (duration 60 min.)

Candle massage

Enjoy the warm and perfumed oil of the candle that caresses your body. This very relaxing massage relieves tensions, energises body and mind
€ 90 (duration 45 min.)


A facial massage with a sculpting, toning and draining action, achieved by movements along the structure of all cutaneous muscles of the face.
€ 80 (duration 40 min.)

Prenatal Treatments

Specific treatments for both expectant women (after 4th month) and the breastfeeding period. These massages are dedicated to this period of transformation of the female body: they will help to rapidly rediscover form as well as render your skin moisturised, supple and nourished.

– Lefay Olive Oil Massage – moisturising, draining: € 85 (duration 50 min.)
– “Gambe Leggere” Massage: € 45 (duration 30 min.)
– Relaxing foot treatment for Pregnancy “Dolce Attesa”: € 70 (duration 30 min.)



The many manual techniques, skillfully combined together, rebalance the body and restore energy. It strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation. Good combination with phytotherapy and acupuncture.
€ 100 (duration 50 min.)


This treatment uses a tecnique based on pressure. It is aimed at reawakening the vital energy and the power of self-healing. Shiatsu can alleviate strong phisical and psycological pain (such as anguish and discouragement etc.). It provides an immediate feeling of wellbeing and induces a state of balannce and harmony with oneself and the surrounding enviroment.
€ 110 (duration 60 min.)

Holistic back massage with tibetan bells

The combined action of relaxing manual techniques, hot sponging and cupping delivers wellness and relaxation to the back. The sound of the Tibetan bells reawakens the most silent body areas that have lost elasticity and the ability to be in harmony with the entire body.
€ 100 (duration 50 min.)

Lomi Lomi

This massage belongs to ancient Hawaiian traditions. The therapist touches the body with long and rhythmic manipulation, called “Hula”. Extremely pleasant and very relaxing, it alleviates stress and increases body energy.
€ 120 (duration 50 min.)

Stone Therapy

Stone therapy uses hot stones to induce a deep state of relaxation, easing muscular tension and rebalancing the energy centres of the body.
€ 140 (duration 80 min.)

Thai Massage

This massage acts on digital pressure points over the entire body, increasing energy flows. It helps to maintain vitality and strength, even in older age. This massage is carried out on a clothed body, without the use of oils.
€ 130 (duration 60 min.)


An ancient Indian discipline practiced to treat the individual naturally and harmonize the three dosha: VATA – movement, PITTA – metabolism, KAPHA – structure.

Udvartana with ayurvedic detox wrap

Exfoliations with blends of powders and spices that free the skin from impurities, followed by a purefying and detoxifying treatment with hot sesam oil and herb wrap.
€ 90 (duration 50 min.)


Oiling of the body, with harmonic, caressing movements to balance the body’s energy. The hot oils provide warmth and moisturise the skin.
€ 95 (duration 50 min.) € 180 (duration 50 min. four handed)

Snehana with Shiro – Dara

This is a purifying and detoxifying treatment with hot sesame oil and a herb wrap.
€ 140 (duration 75 min.)

Shirodhara with head massage

A continuous stream of oil on the forehead combined with a relaxing massage over the head and neck will make all tensions disappear.
€ 85 (duration 30 min.)


An energising massage characterised by harmonic movements which create heat in order to eliminate the toxins known as AMA. The back is relieved and toned with warming movements from the sacrum to the head. The head and neck are treated in order to create a soothing and relaxing action.
€ 120 (duration 75 min.)

Pinda – Sweda

Performed with warm pads (Pinda) containing blends of particular herbs and spices. Provides an intense warming action, due to an alternating combination of light manipulation and rubbing with the pindas. Relaxes and alleviates tension.
€ 130 (duration 75 min.)

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