Eastern Rituals

Rediscover beauty as harmony between soul and body through the magic of the fragrances and oriental atmospheres of our rituals. The wonderful perfumes of the oils and the purity of products used make each treatment a moment of exclusive wellness: the skin glows, the body is relaxed, the mind serene.

Polynesian Ritual

A journey among the perfumes of Polynesia. The first stop is Taha’a, the Vanilla Island, with a scrub containing coconut shell fibre, white sand, vanilla and sea salt. It then moves on to Bora Bora, where the body relaxes to the rhythm of the Tuiponos with a relaxing massage. The journey continues to Raiatea, the sacred island, where the body is enhanced with “Olio Sacro Polinesia”, and ends in Manihi, where the body is purified and moisturised in the “Bagno delle Lagune”.
€ 280 (duration 2 h. 15 min)

Hammam Ritual

This face and body purification ritual is an ancient Middle Eastern tradition. It begins with a steam bath (calidarium) to prepare the skin for exfoliation using black soap and the Kassa glove. This is followed by a Rhassoul mud body pack and finally a relaxing massage with pure shea butter. Each stage of the body ritual will be accompanied by a face treatment that uses natural products based on black soap, argan oil, donkey’s milk and rose essential oil for a final result of maximum relaxation and glowing skin.
€ 280,00 long version (duration 2 h. 15 min. – face and body)
€ 230,00 short version (duration 1 h. 45 min. – body only)

Alum Stone Ritual

A magical ritual for the body, which includes a massage with a preparation containing very fine alum salts immersed in perfumed oil, to (delete perfectly) smooth the skin while deeply nourishing and moisturising. This is followed by a pleasant relaxing massage with precious oriental perfumed oils.
€ 120 (duration 60 min.)

Ritual with shea butter and argan oil

Dedicated to dry skin, it nourishes and hydrates the body to result in smooth and soft skin. This treatment exploits the extraordinary properties of the argan oil: antioxidants, soothing and moisturizing.
€ 150 (duration 75 min.)

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