Lefay SPA Method

Lefay, in cooperation with a team of physicians recognised internationally in different holistic disciplines, has created the Lefay SPA Method, which combines the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine with Western scientific research. By means of health treatments and programmes, this innovative method of achieving wellness restores balance, fully rejuvenates the body, soul and spirit and allows guests to rediscover a more healthy and discerning lifestyle.

Classical Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest diagnostic and therapeutic sciences in the world. It considers human being as an infrangible complex of matter, energy and spirit in continuous evolution. Since its very origins, it has been concerned with the phenomenon known as “stress”, which is one of the main causes of complaints and ill health. From the Western world, Lefay SPA Method utilises the results of scientific research about the ageing process, stress, posture, nutrition as well as the emotional status.

This tried and tested union is the basis of the Lefay SPA Method and of its offer, which features health programmes, energy beauty treatments, energy massages, “Perfumes of the Lake” and Wellness and beauty paths.

The Lefay SPA Method treatments are made all the more effective and personalized by the products in the Lefay SPA “Tra suoni e colori” skincare products. These are further supplemented during treatments with the application of essential oils, medicinal plants and special aromatic muds.

If you wish to improve your state of health or if the frenetic pace of daily life has taken its toll on your body, resulting in stress, tiredness, anxiety and depression, our team of experts will guide you in choosing the most appropriate therapy and treatments.

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