Dietetic Menu


Diet plays a fundamental role in the Lefay SPA Method due to the primary importance it has in preventive medicine.
The Lefay SPA Menu was created according to the principles of western and energy dietetics and also on the basis of dietary behaviour techniques. It is a detoxifying and to a certain extent low-calories dietary approach whose purpose is to ensure energy supply through foods that have been especially selected for their qualities and which are treated with cooking methods that do not put excessive strain on the digestive system.
This dietary approach is also aimed at changing food habits by educating Guests on the nutritional characteristics of various foods and the psychological processes that determine our attitudes towards food.
This menu is particularly suited to people who are overweight, but also to those who look for a flavoursome, light, detoxifying and healthy way of eating.
The menu is available at the Restaurant “La Grande Limonaia” restaurant for breakfast and dinner and at “Trattoria La Vigna” for lunch and dinner.

Nutritional energy consultation: € 95

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