Energy Massages

The Lefay SPA Method massages aim to reactivate energy channels as well as rebalance the energy of body and mind, and are personalised according to the individual’s psycho-physical status. They have been developed by associating the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine with Western techniques, thanks to a combination of traditional massages techniques with the stimulation of “points and meridians” which activate the “energy” systems, ensuring that the treatment is deep and long-lasting. This method enhances the effects of a traditional massage, because the body receives an “energy message” which will be remembered and elaborated with time.


Anti ageing – Derma di Luce

The purpose of this massage is to restore radiance to facial skin and make it toned and supple, thereby diminishing wrinkles. It starts with the application of essential oils to the fingertips, from where the energy lines that control all muscles of the head and face start. The traditional drainage massage is combined with the stimulation of certain points on the head for a relaxing action.
€ 115 (duration 50 min.)


Relaxing, Head and Neck – Massaggio dell’Imperatore

This is an all-over treatment (face and body) aimed at revitalising the individual by following the flow of internal energy. The massage begins on the legs, continues over the body and arms up to the head and face and ends again on the legs. The circular movements and the pressure applied to the energy points of the head dissolve all tensions and deliver a deep feeling of relaxation.
€ 150 (duration 80 min.)

INSOMNIA – L’abbraccio di morfeo

In Classical Chinese Medicine, insomnia is an imbalance of energy concentrated in the head, which is caused by different factors such as anxiety, stress, age, physical and psychological traumas, etc. The Embrace of Morpheus is an enveloping massage that aims to treat the symptoms of insomnia and rebalance the different energy mechanisms causing it.
€ 140 (duration 70 min.)


EMOTIONAL MASSAGE – Il Volo dell’Angelo

The first example of a visualised treatment in which the different senses of man are stimulated – touch, smell, hearing, sight, but above all the sixth sense, known also as feeling or emotion. The latter is activated with music and a voice, which, during the entire massage, tells the story of the journey of an angel between the Heavens, the Earth and the Sea: symbols of a journey within the individual. Dextrous hands perfectly synchronised with the words take you on a journey to your inner self. This intense experience, which is suited to people with great sensitivity, helps you to listen to your inner voice.
€ 140 (duration 45 min. + 10 minutes relax)

Detoxifying – La Luce oltre la Nebbia

According to the principles of Classical Chinese Medicine and naturopathy, before any treatment accumulated toxins must be removed by stimulating the excretory systems specifically appointed for the purpose. Our detoxifying massage essentially involves an energy-centred approach and, by working on the meridians and specific points, stimulates elimination and prepares the body for subsequent treatments. (Not advisable for people suffering form capillary fragility).
€ 115 (body only, duration 50 min.)
€ 145 (face and body with cupping, duration 75 min.)

Relaxing – Scambio nel Vento

The stresses of our daily lives cause tension to build up in different muscles, particularly those of the neck. When this occurs over an extended period of time, even the deep muscles in the nape of the neck and shoulders are affected, which gives rise to nagging and often chronic aches and pains. While the classic massage acts in particular on the muscle component of these tensions, the energetic micromassage establishes zonal energy rebalancing which, by acting on the cause, relaxes and increases mobility of the neck.
€ 115 (duration 50 min.)

Sports tension-relieving – La Brezza accanto al Confine

This massage exerts a specific action on the different muscular areas (legs, arms, trunk), relaxing hypertonic muscles and increasing the tone of those that are too relaxed. This essentially rebalancing action is the result of classic massage techniques combined with the stimulation of the points that, according to Far Eastern tradition, affect tone and strength.
€ 115 (duration 50 min.)

Anti-cellulite – Respiro Alchemico

So-called cellulite is a complex pathology that involves fluids, fats and vessels. Our energetic massage acts on this aesthetic problem by mobilising and eliminating fluid build-up and treating points and meridians that represent the energy-centred cause of this condition.
€ 115 (duration 50 min.)

Draining – Rugiada del Mattino

In cases of fluid retention in different areas of the body, in particular the lower limbs, this massage stimulates the lymphatic circulation and promotes the elimination of excess water, activating certain points that increase drainage.
€ 125 (duration 60 min.)

Revitalising and anti ageing – Alta Marea

The purpose of this treatment is to nourish the body deep down, flooding it with a sea of vitality (hence the name). The points involved in this treatment are found along two energy lines that are linked to the root of the organism, the deterioration of which causes ageing of the skin and body.
€ 115 (duration 50 min.)

Four hands massage – Il Volo della Farfalla

The pleasant light sensation of four hands moving together over the body. This treatment reawakens a person’s more instinctive side by the targeted stimulation of specific energy points. It is particularly indicated for people who have stressful jobs, whose lifestyle is far removed from their genuine needs. Suitable for people who need to cease bottling up their feelings.
€ 220 (duration 50 min.)

Foot reflexology – On Zon Su

Using a gentle, relaxing reflexology method based on an ancient Far Eastern art, the practitioner, with every finger of his/her hands, works on a specific meridian to achieve deep energetic, physical and mental balance. The technique is carried out one foot at a time, following the rules of yin and yang.
€ 95 (duration 50 min.)

REBALANCING – I colori dell’uomo

According to Classical Chinese Medicine, wellbeing is the interior balance of two fundamental forces: Yin and Yang. These untranslatable terms represent two opposing and complementary forces present both in nature and individuals. Depending on the person’s energy constitution, these massages restore the balance between Yin and Yang, determining the overall well-being of the body.

White: regulates disorder in lifestyle. Massage with rhythmic and reactivating technique.
Black: regulates the strength and levels of stress in the body. Intense and vigorous massage.
Red: regulates energy blood, in other words, the ability to love oneself and be one’s own ally. Deep and enveloping massage.
Blue: regulates the body’s energy and fights fatigue. Dynamic, rebalancing and toning massage.
Yellow: regulates anxiety and sadness, the centre of the individual. Enveloping massage that uses techniques to bring energy inside the body.
Green: regulates digestion and mental rumination. Dynamic and stimulating massage.
€ 125 (duration 50 min.)

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