energy medical examination € 90

A seventeenth-century document described this as the song of the 10 questions since the energy doctor makes enquiries regarding certain characteristics of the body that range from dreams to digestion, trying to perceive any small changes
in energy in the body before these changes develop into a disease. The doctor also observes the colouration of the skin, listens to the tone of the voice, asks about favourite foods and feels the radial pulses. This sequence allows an energy diagnosis to be made, according to which specific treatments, based on the changes encountered, are applied.

Acupuncture € 130 first examination / € 100 per session

The human body is crossed by particular lines known as “meridians”, along which vital energy “Qi” flows. Poor Qi circulation is considered the cause of pain and illness. The energy balance of our body and therefore our state of well-being can be restored through acupuncture, the introduction of thin needles along these meridians.

Moxibustion € 40 (duration 20 min.)

Moxibustion is a Chinese therapeutic technique, whose name derives from the Japanese term “Moe Kusa”, which means “burning herb”. The treatment involves the application of heat to areas of skin near acupuncture points or energy pathways, and its purpose is to boost the result of an energising treatment or massage.

Aculifting € 110 (duration 30 min.)

The Aculifting treatment uses ancient methods of Chinese medicine to prevent and reduce the signs of ageing. Very thin needles are inserted in acupuncture points along the face’s mimetic muscles in order to stimulate collagen production and blood circulation. After one treatment skin appears firmer and rejuvenated, lines are reduced and the pores are tightened.

nutritional energy consultation € 90

This consultation is aimed at changing food habits by educating guests on the nutritional characteristics of various foods and the psychological processes that determine our attitudes towards food. The menu is particularly suited to people who are overweight, but also to those who want to choose a flavoursome, light, detoxifying and healthy way of eating. According to each one’s energy constitution the doctor will select a personalized dietary programme La “Leggerezza nell’Essere” (The lightness of being).

phytotherapy consultation € 90

The doctor selects the medicinal plants suitable to each one’s energy constitution and symptoms. The selected medicinal plants are used to create a special herbal infusion that the guest drinks during and after the stay. Over 40 medicinal plants, for the most part of Western provenance, are offered both because of their intrinsic characteristics (for example, the birch for its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties) and their energy qualities. In this sense we can say that each medicinal plant is made up of a precise personality that integrates with the human constitution.


Osteopathic consultation € 50 (duration 30 min.)
Osteopathic treatment manipulation € 120 (duration 50 min.)
Cranium-Sacral Treatment € 90 (duration 50 min.)
Fascial treatment € 100 (duration 50 min.)
Balancing of ligamentous tensions € 70 (duration 40 min.)
Visceral manipulation treatment € 70 (duration 40 min.)
Strain counterstrain (Tender points) € 70 (duration 40 min.)
Functional postures for relaxation € 50 (duration 30 min.)
Craniosacral Biodynamic Treatment – Il Movimento Presente e la Quiete€ 110 (duration 50 min.)

By means of a method of contact aimed at deep listening, a connection is restored with natural rhythms – known as primary respiration – which is able to balance the psychophysical, emotional, energetic and spiritual sphere. To be precise, the practitioner touches the different parts of the body with precise and specific movements, helping to harmonise the functions of emotional and physiological self-regulation and stimulating immune system activity, thereby allowing a better and more effective self-healing process to begin.
Indicated for: joint pains, emotional problems, rheumatism, sinusitis, spinal problems, physical and emotional trauma.
A very delicate treatment, suitable also for children, the elderly and pregnant women.


Medical examination € 70
Medical check-ups
  • Food Intolerance Test € 175 (92 food types) € 235 (184 food types)

    Numerous studies have demonstrated that a relationship exists between food intolerances and excess weight, skin diseases and digestive disorders. This test is carried out according to the ELISA method and highlights hypersensitivity towards 92 or 184 types of foods, by outlining a personalised nutritional profile.
    Recommended in cases of excess weight, shortness of breath or night apnoea before beginning an informed slimming plan.

  • Cellular Aging Factors Test € 210

    Ageing cannot be stopped, but much can be done to slow it down. Scientific research has discovered that the process of cellular ageing is influenced by four key processes in the body: methylation, inflammation, glycation and oxidation.
    The Cellular Ageing Factors test measures the level of cellular ageing by analysing specific markers that evaluate the state of these four processes.

  • Cardio Wellness Test € 210

    This is the most complete preventive screening of a person’s cardiovascular risk available in Italy and is the basis for implementing correct prevention measures. This test helps us understand if our lifestyle is correct and if “we love our heart”.

  • Hormonal Profile Sport Test € 105

    Intense physical activity causes stress to our body, resulting in an imbalance of hormonal levels and compromising health and sporting performance. This test is useful for people who practise sport at an amateur or professional level. It is recommended in cases of fatigue, difficulty in completing training sessions, lengthened recovery times and mood

  • Hormonal Profile Good Night Test € 105

    The test evaluates the evening concentration of melatonin, a fundamental neuro-hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle. It is recommended in cases of difficulty in getting to sleep, insomnia, intense psycho-physical stress, anxiety and for people with memory problems.

  • Hormonal Profile Stress Test € 105

    This test focusses on analysing the bioactive levels of two important stress hormones: Cortisol and DHEA. It is recommended in cases of general tiredness, acceleration of heart beat, difficulty in concentrating, sleep problems, premature skin ageing and anxiety.


Postural analyses € 90 (duration 40 min.)
Physiotherapical massage € 110 (duration 50 min.)
Mobilisation and myotension techniques € 50 (duration 30 min.)/€ 130 Cycle of 3 sessions
Myofascial Release Postural Massage € 90 (duration 40 min.)
Physical and instrumental therapies € 40 (duration 30 min.)
Functional rehabilitation € 60 (duration 30 min.)
Postural rehabilitation (Back School and McKenzie method) € 50 (duration 40 min.)
Neuromotor rehabilitation € 50 (duration 40 min.)

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