Perfumes of The Lake

Everything that “makes us fell good” can be found in the nature around us. Lefay SPA dermatological cosmetics bring together perfumes and essences which are characteristic of the local area: extra virgin olive oil, lavender, citrus fruits and grapes from the vineyards of the Lake. A unique sensorial experience for rediscovering the benefits of nature.


Like an Ode to the local land, this biological ritual is an alchemy between the lake and the vegetation that surrounds it; a sensorial journey among the fragrances of the area. The treatment involves small sachets of rosemary and mint for
the face and a nurturing massage for the body with perfumed notes of sage and lemon that leave lingering sweet sensations…
€ 190 (duration 1 h. 40 min.)


A sensorial journey thet begins with a scrub and a Lefay olive oil and bran wrap to regenerate and give softness to body skin. This is followed by a massage along the energy points and meridians performed using hot volcanic stones with a rebalancing and detoxifying action. The essential oils of rose, lemon, orange, rosemary and lavander, surround the senses and the body conferring serenity to both heart and mind.
€ 260 (duration 2 h. 30 min.)

REBIRTH FOR HANDS AND FEET – Il Passo e la Carezza

A ritual dedicated to the care of the hands and feet, the two parts of the body that are our contact with mother Earth and with the people and things that surround us. The ritual begins with a pleasant foot bath containing small slices of lemon and soap flakes enriched with mint essential oil; this is accompanied by gentle digital pressure on the face and head using the aromatic and relaxing notes of lavender oil. This is followed by a scrub with salt and extracts of pomegranate and fig , and to end, a moisturising pack and relaxing massage of the reflex zones of the hands and feet with precious grape seed oil.
€ 170 (duration 1 h. 30 min.)

Salt and caper body scrub with Lefay extra virgin Olive Oil pack

Scrub massage performed with natural local products such as capers, with antioxidant properties, Lefay extra-virgin olive oil and the addition of salt. This combination of ingredients is gently massaged over the body for a soothing, nourishing effect. The trace elements contained in the salt regenerate the body while the emollient properties of the oil, which is rich in polyphenols, restructure the skin.
€ 110 (duration 50 min.)

Lefay “Gocce di Lago” massage

An aromatic anti-stress massage, which combines the anti-ageing effect on the skin of the precious Lefay olive oil with the characteristic aromas of Lake Garda, such as lemon and lavender.
€ 95 (duration 50 min.)

HEAD MASSAGE – La Finestra del Cielo

A nurturing massage with Lefay extra-virgin olive oil which, by stimulating energy points, releases tension in the muscles of the head and neck, promoting deep relaxation. The olive oil deeply nourishes the hair, the window to the soul, and makes it healthy and glossy.
€ 75 (duration 25 min. + 5 min. relax)

Lavender relaxing and moisturazing face ritual

A face ritual with contouring, toning and draining action achieved through precise manual movements along all the facial muscles, which is combined with the emollient and firming action of olive oil. To finish, an anti-aging mask is applied.
€ 90 (duration 45 min.)

Hydroaromatherapy with perfumes of the Lake

The benefits of hydrotherapy, combined with the lake’s characteristic essential oils, such as lavenderand and lemon, favour a unique state of relaxation, levity and well-being. Furthermore, the use of the Florida Tub allows us to tailor the whirpool treatment to the guests’ specific requirements.
€ 50 (duration 20 min.)

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