Medicinal plants have been used since the dawn of time. Man has in fact always searched for plants that were able to treat symptoms, syndromes and more generally the different disorders he inevitably suffered. The Lefay Spa Method uses the most ancient form of phytotherapy within its programmes: herbal teas.
Over 40 medicinal plants, for the most part of western provenance, are offered both because of their intrinsic characteristics (for example, birch for its diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties and blueberry for its antioxidant and vasoprotective properties) and their energising qualities. In this sense we can say that each medicinal plant is made up of a precise “personality” that integrates with the human constitution.
At the end of your wellness holiday, you will have the opportunity to continue your phytotherapy programme at home by purchasing an herbal tea blend that has been tailor made for you at the Lefay Shop.

The Lefay herbal infusions “La Brezza e i Fiori” are available also online, in six different variants: relaxing, for protecting the blood vessels, purifying, calming, digestive and draining.

Phytotherapy consultation: € 90

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