Beauty of mind and spirit “Luminosità dello Spirito” – from 5 nights

The luminosity of the spirit (Shen) is manifested in particular on the skin. This programme is dedicated to those who wish to reduce the damage caused by premature ageing or who wish to heal their “spirit” in order to improve their physical appearance. It is a beauty programme that is based entirely on a holistic concept, in which rebalance of the
nervous system, nourishment of the spirit and deep relaxation are able to bring new luminosity to the skin, smoothing out wrinkles and making the body more toned.

  • Introduction to the programme
  • Initial examination to determine energy levels
  • “Cellular Ageing Factors” Test*
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner with Lefay SPA Menu
  • Beauty consultation and skin analysis
  • Personalised phytotherapy
  • 1 energy body scrub
  • 1 BIO revitalising and anti-ageing massage “Alta Marea”
  • 2 BIO specific tuina massages
  • 1 BIO energy facial anti-ageing massage “Derma di Luce”
  • 1 facial shaping massage
  • 1 face aculifting
  • 1 moxa treatment
  • 1 On Zon Su reflexology treatment
  • 2 energy hydro-aromatherapy sessions with essential oils
  • 1 treatment in the salt-water lake “La Luna nel Lago”
  • 1 guided walk in the energy and therapeutic garden
  • 3 activities for rebalancing physical energy: Qi Gong, Stretching of Meridians, Tai Qi
  • Entrance to the Lefay SPA world of “Water and Fire” of 3,800 sqm with pools, saunas, fitness centre and relaxation areas
  • Final examination with check-up report and targeted recommendations for maintenance.

* optional, non included in the price

From € 2.100 (excluding accommodation)

If you prefer a more intensive programme or a longer stay, we recommend combining it with the Beauty Rejuvenate programme.

Beauty Rejuvenate

  • 1 Unico Cielo short face energy ritual
  • 1 Face Rejuvenate oxygen therapy
  • 1 Firming body massage
  • 1 Biothermic body treatment

€ 460,00

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