Lefay SPA Method Discovery

The Lefay SPA Method programmes are aimed at completely rebalancing and
rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit through the recovery of vital
energy and the rediscovery of a healthy and sensible way of living.

From 2 nights

  • Initial examination to determine energy levels
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner with “Lefay SPA” menu
  • Personalised phytotherapy
  • 1 energy facial massage “Centre” with personalised chromotherapy and music therapy
  • 1 personalised BIO energy body massage with personalized chromotherapy and music therapy
  • 1 energy hydro-aromatherapy session with essential oils
  • 1 activity for rebalancing physical energy: Qi Gong, Stretching of Meridians, Tai Qi
  • Entrance to Lefay SPA World “Water and Fire” of 3,800 sqm with pools, saunas, fitness centre and relax areas

From € 550 (excluding accommodation)

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