Sleep “Sogni d’Oro” – from 5 nights

According to Classical Chinese Medicine, insomnia is the manifestation of an imbalance of energy
due to various causes of physical nature (such as hormonal changes, digestive disorders or physical
hyperactivity) and of mental nature (such as stress and intellectual hyperactivity). The treatments
in this programme stimulate the energy lines and specific acupuncture points, thereby promoting sleep.

  • Introduction to the programme
  • Initial examination to determine energy levels
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner with Lefay SPA Menu
  • Hormonal Profile Good Night Test*
  • Personalised phytotherapy
  • 1 BIO energy facial massage “Derma di Luce”
  • 2 BIO tuina massages “L’abbraccio di Morfeo”
  • 1 BIO energy body massage “I Colori dell’Uomo”
  • 2 individual acupuncture sessions
  • 2 individual foot reflexology treatments
  • 3 moxa treatments
  • 2 energy aroma hydro-aromatherapy sessions with essential oils
  • 1 treatment in the salt-water lake “La Luna nel Lago”
  • 1 guided walk in the energy and therapeutic garden
  • 3 activities for rebalancing physical energy: specific Qi Gong, Stretching of Meridians, Tai Qi
  • Entrance to the Lefay SPA world of “Water and Fire” of 3,800 sqm with pools; saunas; fitness centre and relaxation areas
  • Final examination with check-up report and targeted recommendations for maintenance.

* optional, non included in the price

From € 2.100 (excluding accommodation)

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