Saunas and Pools


  • Indoor and outdoor heated salt-water poolsPools
  • 25-metres (80 ft.) homologated training heated pool (open from April throughout October)
  • Roccolino whirlpool, warm water (open from April throughout October)
  • La Luna nel Lago salt-water lake 37°C – 10% Salinity


Hammam – Temp. 45-48° / Humidity 80% – NEW

HammamInspired by the beauty of the enchanting oriental palaces, the Hamman distances us from daily life where everything is rational, stressful and rushed, taking us back to the natural balance between movement and rest, exercise and relaxation, reality and fantasy.

Aromatic Sauna – Temp. 40-42°C / 60-70% Humidity

Aromatic SaunaThe aromas in this sauna make a valuable contribution towards eliminating stress and easing respiration. The pleasant and welcoming environment encourages relaxation of the body and mind. It is the initial tepid room where the body is prepared for the perspiration that takes place inside the Caligo Sauna. The temperature in the Sauna of Aromas is such that it stimulates the start of the body’s heating process and helps the pores to open, thus making perspiration possible.

Caligo Sauna – Temp. 42-45°C / 90-98% Humidity

Sauna CaligoThe high percentage of humidity in this sauna forms a cloud of stratified temperatures, which is excellent for relaxing the muscles of the body and particularly effective in reducing tension. The detoxifying and skin-purifying action of the steam bath makes the skin soft and silky.

Olive Tree Sauna – Temp. 55-60°C / 40% Humidity

Sauna dell'UlivoPanelled in wood from this valuable tree, this sauna is ideal for detoxifying the skin, which becomes glowing and clear. The temperature of this bio-sauna also promotes relaxation and night-time sleep and prepares the body for the high temperature and low humidity of the Water and Fire sauna.

Water and Fire Sauna– Temp. 75-90°C / 10% Humidity

Sauna Acqua e FuocoThis high temperature and low humidity of this Finnish sauna allows you to achieve considerable organic and metabolic stimulation, thereby promoting cell turnover, toxin elimination and stimulation of the neuro-vegetative system.

Lady Sauna – Temp. 42-45°C / Humidity 70%

Lady SaunaThis sauna is for women only. Its delicate, inebriating floral perfume envelops the body in an atmosphere that evokes summer gardens on the lake. The beneficial effect of the sauna stimulates the circulation and purifies the skin; tensions melt away and the body is relaxed.


  • 2 Wide relaxation areas with panoramic view over the lakeRelaxation Areas
  • The Turquoise Grotto, with warm water loungers
  • Sunset Relaxation Area
  • 2 Silent Rooms


The Stream – Temp. approximately 20°C

This cold water stream is excellent for people with a sensation of heavy legs and problems of circulation in the lower limbs. It reactivates blood circulation and confers a feeling of lightness to the feet and legs.

Crash Ice – Ice Fountain

Rubbing ice over the body is ideal for stimulating blood flow and for a pleasant sensation of freshness after a sauna or hot bath.

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